Part of the San Gabriel Valley Region is a city called Covina, and isn’t far at all away from Los Angeles. If you look at the city’s motto, you’re going to wonder just how big Covina is because the motto states: ‘One Mile Square and All There.’ Yet that was based on the city’s history, and today, there is of course more than one square mile that makes up Covina CA. There are some great things to do in the city, including the following places of interest.

Bread & Barley is located at 130 North Citrus Avenue, and as the name suggests, it is a place for food and brews. The beef bulgogi wrap is one of the more popular menu items, and the BLTA sandwich is another one. If you’re wondering what a BLTA sandwich is, think BLT with avocado, the other three ingredients being bacon, lettuce and tomato. Bread & Barley features a fun environment according to the reviews. And the sweet tater tots are a hit, too.

Once you’re introduced to this next attraction, you’re going to notice a theme. Alosta Brewing Company is located at 692 Arrow Grand Circle, which puts it right in the middle of an industrial park. When you go to this brewery, you have to bring your own food if you want to eat. Yet it’s supposed to be a nice experience, and of course there is good beer to be had.

I told you there was a theme. Rev Winery is up next. We are switching from beer to wine. Rev Winery is located at 1580 West San Bernadino Road. Yet it’s not just a winery as people go there for beers, too. As you would expect, this is another place in Covina that features a fun atmosphere. And it doesn’t stop at Rev Winery when it comes to the beer and wine theme.

There is the AzoVino Gift Gallery & Wine and the Bishamon Karaoke Lounge 2F, too. Also, when you’re traveling around Covina, make sure you also check out West Covina. There is also Irwindale nearby, too. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, remember that LA isn’t too far away. You’re going to be a little lit if you try to visit all of those places I mentioned above all at once, so take it easy. Have fun while you’re on vacation, and plan to stop by some of the best restaurants in Covina, too.

Alexander Stanley